Talk about irony and poetic ambiguity. Donald lost an almost un-loseable race for the dumbest, stupidest reasons. Hillary (who will ultimately will be a viewed as a good if not great president) was incredibly easy to beat, all Donald needed to do was not act crazy, something that he couldn’t manage. And a candidate that can’t manage his own behavior can’t manage the country.

I’ve long understood that Donald is crazy, but I have only recently become convinced (astonished, actually) that Republicans were corrupt to the point of being being self-immolative. Hillary had so much baggage that she could lose and in April, I wrote that when your enemy is about to shoot himself in the head, make sure he’s got a bullet. Obviously, Donald was the best opposition candidate that the Democrats could wish for but some Democrats were actually sniping at my Donald instead making little altars to his health.

I never dreamed that Donald could have been such a fabulous candidate.

Donald-So Many Things, So Little Time. It’s hard to know where to start. Let’s sort by dollar amounts.  1. Donald-Financial Loser.  in his ’95 tax return, Donald took a $950 million dollar business loss  IN HIS CASINOS.  Guilani called Donald a genius for losing $950 in the casino business. How the HELL do you lose a billion dollars running a casino? The odds in casinos are as certain laws of physics; the more money bet, the more money the casino makes. Yet Donald lost money. operating three casinos.                 2. Trump University. Talk about a flat-out scam. Trump fleeced sad sacks who believed virtually any bullshit that ended with them making money. So Trump had only one job, don’t lie.  That’s it; just don’t lie. Remember, these sheep wanted to buy the crap he was selling. So what does Donald do? He lied.         3. Trump Steaks. Donald raised the stakes when Donald partnered up with Buckhead Beef, a specialty marketer, and in June, 2007 tried to sell via Sharper Image; it failed and Sharper Image pulled the product two months after it was first listed.                                                                                                   4.a.  Donald, You’re a Pig- Part 1. We all get it-guys like girls; its an evolutionary mandate. Along the way we developed manners (and laws that codified those manners). But Donald’s believed that manners and laws didn’t apply to him; he was rich, privileged, and enabled by employees and money-seeking sycophants and and besides, no one seriously took him to task.  So Donald groped and grabbed pretty much as he saw fit, inhibited only by circumstances of the moment.                                                               b. Donald, You’re a Pig-Part 2.  It’s impolite (and illegal) to grope and grab, and stupid to brag about it. But Donald bragged on a video that found the light of day a month before the election. And instead of a genuine apology, he chalked it up to ‘locker room’ talk and said that Hillary did something similar, thus demonstrating again that he’s little more than a spoiled adolescent.                                                            c. Donald, You’re a Pig-Part 3. Now Donald’s argument is that Hillary supported Bill when Bill engaged in similar shenanigans and so Donald’s groping and grabbing and kissing is okay.  The quickest way to unpack that argument is; assume that Donald is correct (that Hillary supported Bill when Bill did the wrong thing) how does that translate to people should then vote for Donald? It doesn’t.                              d. Donald, You’re a Pig- Part 4. More recently, Donald is threatening to sue the women he groped and grabbed because they told the NYTimes that Donald groped and grabbed. And Donald is threatening to sue the Times because it published the story. Legally, Donald’s lawsuit against the women will probably get tossed out of the box, the lawsuit against the Times will get tossed even quicker.

5. Clean Coal. At the Second Debate, Donnie talked up Clean Coal.


Poor Donnie.  Was a time when we made fun of Dumb Donnie – There was Donnie, the Republican equivalent of a guy wearing a long coat standing in front of the alley whispering, “Psst- wanna buy a steak? How about a diploma? I’m building a wall to keep out people who dig tunnels. Climate change is a hoax.” It was fun. No one took him seriously. Well, the dumb white guys believed him, but they believed all sorts of nonsense, and everyone else pretty much understood that with Donnie, the circus was in town. Ringling Brothers. Brought his own elephant and had a pretty girl wearing sparkly tights.

Nope, no longer. Welcome to the DONNIE, the DUCK DYNASTY CANDIDATE. Donnie is crazy.                 I don’t mean like Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin “Wild and Crazy Guys” kooky. Nope. Dumb Donnie’s passed that about a couple of exits back; he’s morphed from Dumb Donnie to Crazy Donnie.

If we look under his “Make America Great Again” hat we’ll see that it’s lined it with tinfoil to keep the CIA out. Crazy Donnie hears things that were never said and sees things that never happened. Donnie’s become a “danger to himself or those around him”. Since June, 2015, when Donnie announced his candidacy while he was going down on the escalator (if ever there was a metaphor) he’s gone from being a potential nominee, to presumptive nominee, to nominee, to someone who is hallucinatory and certifiable.                                                                                                                                                           — Donnie “saw thousands of Muslims cheering” because the Trade Center fell; nope, never happened.  — Donnie said he got to know Putin “very well” while the two were on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Nope.  They were interviewed separately, in different countries thousands of miles apart.                                             — Donnie said he never called female adversaries “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Nope, he said all those things.                                                                                                                                     –Donnie put a plaque on one of his golf courses about the “River of Blood” Battle in the Civil War, only the battle never happened.                                                                                                                                 — Donnie saw a video of US money unloaded in Iran. Nope, he never saw that, either.                                                       

JUDGIE-WUDGIE-The Mexican judge hates Donnie. You know, the Mexican judge .  .  .  who was born in Indiana. Dumb Donnie.

GLOBAL WARMING-On November 12, 2012, Donnie said global climate change is a hoax. Dumb Donnie.

OUR OWN WANNA-BE FASCIST. Trump is not Hitler. (Though replace “Muslim” with “Jew” in many of Trump’s diktats and you will feel a little less complacent.) But the worst sometimes happens. If people of good will fail to act, and soon, it can happen here. (Gopnick, New Yorker May 11, 2016). The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)
REPUBLICANS ARE BAD FOR THE REPUBLIC. Virtually every significant financial downturn since ’29 cropped-cropped-deadaphant.jpghas occurred while Republicans were in office, Coolidge and Hoover in ’29, Ike in ’58, Nixon and Ford in ’73, and Dubya right before 2009. Republican dedication to the  worst principles ensures the economy is more likely to tank when a Republican is in the driver’s seat, (see the detailed recession list is here and a chronology of presidents is here. Compare and Contrast! ).

Not John Kennedy

THE “YOU’RE FUCKING KIDDING ME” AWARD OF THE DAY GOES TO Dan Quayle, the Country Club Cockroach that crawled out from the baseboards just long enough to chitter an endorsement that The  Drumpf “has a good business background”. Quayle (rhymes with ‘fail’) the most spectacularly unskilled politician this side of Toronto’s Rob Ford, scuttled back to his crack in the wall after his appearance on the Today Show. Second prize to the Today Show for having him on the program. Really.

Madame Veep

DONALD’S VICE PRESIDENT– on the VP short-list: DENNIS RODMAN  Mr. Rodman fills in the gaps that Donald opened during the primaries; Dennis is a minority, he comes from Detroit, an important rust-belt city, and most importantly, he wears a dress, and he’s a foreign-relations expert, the only person alive who likes Kim Jong-un.

TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE SOUTH.   IT SUCKS-GET RID OF IT. One of the reasons for Civil War was to keep the South in the Union; like keeping an abscess. Good bye and good riddance. The South’s contributions to America are racism, cheating minorities of the vote, food that bad for you, lowering the national IQ, a lousy climate, worse grammar, bitching about losing the Civil War, and universities not worthy of the title. The South has the highest crime rate in America, lowest rates of education, and the fattest people.

THE STATES: 1.TEXAS. Texas doesn’t want to be in the Union any more than the average American wants VD. Texas’ gifts include, 1. Louie Gohmert (see below). 2. The JFK assassination that was assisted by Ted Cruz’ father.  3. Senator Ted Cruz. 4. Governor Rick Perry. 5.George W. Bush.  6. More guns per capita than anywhere in the U.S. 7. More executions than anywhere in the U.S.  8. More murders than New York. 9. 47th rank in SAT scores. 10. 8th rated state for STD’s*. 11. Gov. Greg Abbott. 12. The highest rate of CO2 emissions; Texas has about 8% of the US population and is responsible for more than 12% of the US carbon dioxide emissions* .

LINCOLN WAS REALLY A DEMOCRAT. He believed in a central, unitary government (see American Civil War) mistrusted corporations, promoted black suffrage (and got shot by Booth for saying it).

The Klown Kar aka the Republican Governors Association. Florida’s Rick Scott, Indiana’s Mike Pence, New Jersey’s Chris Christie, North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, South Carolina’s Nicky Haley, Texas’ Greg Abbott, Wisconsin’t Scott Walker, all have seats of honor.

REPUBLICANS NEED TO KEEP THEIR DAMN HANDS OFF MY WIFE’S CERVIX. The rule about abortions should be simple; if you don’t believe in abortions, don’t have one. Mind your own damn business.

REPUBLICANS AREClowns like Texas’ newest bozo cum governor, Greg Abbott.  Greg has no place in legitimate government, except maybe Texas (which I can all-but-empirically prove, see: 1,2,3,4 (a more thoughtful view)).


LOUIE GOHMERT. Contgrats to Louis Gohmert’s Texas 1st District for electing one of the dumbest members of Congress, a constant source of amazement; his stand on  taxes,  Jesus Hates Taxes, gun control, Gun Control Leads to Bestiality, employment, the Jobs Act is an attack on marriage, environment, oil pipelines are good for wildlife, equality, hate crime legislation leads to necrophilia, politics,John McCain is a terrorist, sociology, gay boy scouts are pedophiles, and religion, and radical Islamists are taking Spanish lessons, and population control, Texans lead the charge in immigrant sweeps.


Last year PolitiFact could find only eight Republicans in Congress, who had made on-the-record comments that climate change was related to stuff that humans did. None of the other Republicans could take that position.

TED CRUZ  said that global change scientists are the same as flat earthers’, here  at 16:15. In October, 2015, Cruz told a talk-show host that, “Climate change is not science. It’s religion.”

JAMES IMHOFF Oklahoma senator – authored ‘The Greatest Hoax – The Global Warming Conspiracy‘, and in 2006 said that global warming was a UN plot to ‘shut down the machine called America‘, said that climate change in impossible because God is still up there. Ironically, Imhoff chairs the Committee on the Environment.




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